Welcome to LaNasa Coaching where we are passionate about working with women who are being overlooked or unappreciated by Corporate America.


I am Alice Schulte, founder of LaNasa Coaching and certified professional Co-Active coach (CPCC, PCC).

I am passionate about coaching the hidden gem – the woman whose magic has been overlooked or underappreciated and who wants to break through to a new role in her organization or break out and become an entrepreneur.

If this is where you find yourself, let’s work together to unlock your potential. If this sounds like someone you know, send them to me.


I have known Alice for over a decade and I’ve been inspired by her ability to tackle one new challenge after another with great results. She is incredibly versatile, smart and resilient. I recently sought Alice out as my coach to help me through a major career transition and I’m so glad I did. Our conversations always sparked new, more expanded ways of looking at possibilities for the future and clear, effective actions for me to take. I highly recommend Alice as a coach!

Because of my coaching experience with Alice, I have a much better perception of self, the core values that are important to me and some traits and thought patterns that can be disruptive to my goals. I have learned the value of joy in my life and have also learned a lot about my inner critic, how to recognize when they are speaking, and how to better manage counterproductive thoughts. I truly appreciate the intuitive connection that I share with Alice and the added value that it brings to our coaching sessions. I feel challenged by her yet never judged, shamed, or otherwise made to feel badly in any way. My sessions with Alice always end with my learning something valuable, be it an “aha” moment of affirmation or a sobering truth about myself that needs further investigation and focus – both equally important.